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907 S. Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

I have been wanting to try Nanami for a while now and finally was near by at an advantageous time. What looks like just another sushi place from the general appearance, Nanami is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Sitting at the sushi bar as I usually do when doing sushi alone, as I love to watch these culinary artists, I perused the menu.

After going through the numerous choices that did not have shellfish that I am allergic to in them; which is a problem at most sushi restaurants which have such a limited menu of rolls which do not contain shrimp or other shellfish that are common allergens; I made my selections. I had decided on Tuna Tataki, a Sunshine Roll and an Oscar Roll both without avocado, and a Honeymoon Roll without the crabmeat. Another bonus to Nanami is that when requesting the removal of the requested items I did not get the you are a PIA look that one gets at many establishments.

The young chef at Namami, if continued to allow him to spread his wings, has one of the brightest futures in the world of Japanese cuisine. His house made Ponzu sauce which accompanied the Tuna Tataki was literally the best I have ever tasted. Complex and simple at the same time and did not have the over-powering saltiness that most of Ponzu Sauces have. His brings out the natural saltiness of the perfectly seared tuna and complements the light seasoning in the sear. The rolls were equally as delicious, the Oscar Roll which is deep-fried was not over-fried and soggy with oil, as one has found most are and was a delight because one does not normally order deep-friend rolls because of this.

After sampling multiple sushi restaurants throughout the City of Baltimore and surrounding area, I can honestly say that Namami is the first last and probably the only choice for your dining pleasure. It's location in the heart of Fell's Point, the quintessential cobblestoned street neighborhood of Baltimore just east of the Inner Harbour past the crassly commercial Harbour East, makes this the perfect spot for lunch, dinner or just a quick snack while enjoying all of the small businesses in what is most possibly the best reason to visit the City.

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