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St Edwards Crown

Honest Reliable Restaurant, Hotel, and other Service Industries Reviews

Reviews by a cook who trained classically and with three generations of family, an extensive traveler, and a former service industry professional.

Food on Table

Setting the Table

The Place Setting

Welcome to my blog, a place where I can share my greatest inspiration, food, and candidly display my passion for great eating and the need for proper service in today's world. So many service based industries from hotels to retail to the service station that changes the oil in your car have forgotten the one thing that can set them apart from all others, understanding of proper service towards those that custom their business. For more about The American Monarchist, please visit the 'About' page for a deeper delve into what makes The American Monarchist's brain tick.  I invite you to explore my content and learn about what makes me tick. Please reach out and engage—I’m happy to hear from you, as well.



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